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Royal Beauty Natural Hair & Skin creates all natural, high quality handmade hair and skin care products. Royal Beauty Natural Hair & Skin was created by Esther Tucker, a wife and a mother of three. Our products are made from natural and organic oils, butters, and herbs. We are a company that strives to help our clients achieve healthy hair and skin in all of our products. Our products can be used on all hair and skin types and are made for everyone young and old.

Our vision is to reach families worldwide by educating them about the benefits of natural and organic hair and skin care products. We know that our products will give you the confidence to wear your natural hair and to feel amazing in your own skin.

Royal Beauty Natural Hair & Skin also specializes in making some products with 100% pure Chebe powder and herbal extracts. We extract oil from the herbs to create our Hair Growth Oil, Shampoo, Leave-in Conditioner, Chebe and herb Butter Paste, Twist Out Cream, and Shea Butter for Hair. Our Chebe Powder is imported directly from Chad. Chebe is a Chadian mixture of herbs made from Croton Gratissimus, known as Lavender Croton.

Other herbs for our products are imported from China and India.

Benefits of Chebe/Herbs:

  • Cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus and other scalp issues from growing in.
  • Moisturizes and allows the hair to grow in long, thicker, fuller and well nourished.

Please note: due to the concentrated nature of Chebe Powder, it is important that you check with your Doctor for clearance before using Chebe/Herbs.

We have also created our own body butter to leave your skin soft and healthy. We use all natural butters like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Butter, Murumuru Butter, Kokum Butter, Olive Butter and many more.

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Meet the Team

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Esther Tucker

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Charles Tucker

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Wisdom Foy

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